We love what we do, we love meeting new people, and we hope to get the chance to meet you. Hit us up for some wicked new body modifications!

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Welcome to the Goodfellas Family! We are home 7 very talented artists in the industry. Our full time artists: Kevin Greer, Kyiel Cholik, Oscer Taurus,  Jack , Lenore, and Kira Hansen. Our wonderful apprentice Corey Smith, and our full time piercer, Nezi Pierce. Feel free to browse our portfolios and send us an email for more information.

We love what we do, we love meeting new people, and we hope to get the chance to meet you. Hit us up for some wicked new body modifications!

What we do


For a premium result, at our tattoo shop we combine modern techniques with traditional ones.


Want some extra holes in your body? Our piercing masters will make some for you.


Got some old tattoos that you don’t find pretty? Our talented artists will cover them up for you.


Nothing can beat the challenge of creating a design that initially is only in your imagination.


With 17 years of experience, Kyiel specializes in anything with insane color, comic book couture, pop-culture, and newschool tattooing styles. He is our go- to color guy!

Kevin has 12 years of experience, starting his career in Toronto. He loves New School and Realism styles. Kevin likes to dabble in all styles and enjoys taking on challenging pieces.

Oscer Taurus

​Oscer is a Saskatchewan raised, amazing black and grey photo-realistic artist that specializes in anything Traditional or Chicano styled. With 3.5 years of tattooing experience he loves dark contrasted pieces and good challenge.

Kira Hansen

Kira has been tattooing for 7 years. She loves anything involving pointillism, brightly colored cartoons and feminine styled art! 

Lenore G

An amazing artist out of Medicine Hat with 8 years experience and a passion for the industry. Lenore specializes in black, grey & color realism. She loves anything with an array of color, flowers, and animal portraits.

Corey Smith

Corey has been an apprentice at Goodfellas for 3 years. He excels at script work and black and grey styles. Corey has a passion for Black work , New School and Neo Traditional.

Nezi Pierce

Nezi is Goodfellas Ink’s senior piercer. With over 11 years of body modification experience, she can help you with everything from cosmetic tattooing to professional piercing using only internally threaded, implant grade jewelry.


Wiggy is an artist with 16 years of experience. He specializes in black and grey styles such as Portraits and Photo realism. This artist is very versatile and enjoys trying new styles and pieces.

*Books are closed but please enjoy my portfolio*




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